Performed by our Certified Technicians

When you come to Clay's Automotive Service Center you get Personalized Service and are able to discuss your vehicle's problems with any of our technicians who will perform the repair work. You will also find the Latest Equipment, Technical Information and find that we are a Complete Automotive Repair Facility. We perform most vehicle services and maintenance.

Services Performed

  • State Inspection

  • Emissions Testing & Repair

  • Engine Repair

  • Brake Service

  • Transmission Servicing

  • Four Wheel Alignment Specialist

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Electrical & Electronic Systems

  • Suspension & Steering

  • Engine Performance

  • Fuel Injection Service

  • Computer Analyzing

  • Manual Drive Train & Axles

  • Engine & Transmission Replacement

  • Replacement Tires   Tire Info »


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